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My new book, Out of This World: Queer Speculative Fiction Stories, is out in ebook formats now and will be out in print on 5/1.  That translates to:
Barnes & Noble
IBooks - search on my last name in the iTunes store.
Overdrive for Libraries - Hennepin County Library has copies available for check out and your local library can order it in too!

Queen of Swords Press info:
Note that Queen of Swords press now has 2, count 'em 2 titles out! With a first print edition and a new version of Silver Moon on the way!
Twitter - @qospress
Queen of Swords Press has a monthly newsletter that you can sign up for on the website.

Twitter - @clundoff
Facebook (as me), also as Author/Editor Page

Me, as Emily L. Byrne, AKA erotica and erotic romance writing Me:
Facebook Author page
Emily's booklist is also available on my Goodreads profile above.

Most of Queen of Swords Press blogging will likely be out here for a bit. I'm still getting my proverbial ducks in a row.

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 A PSA for the good of the order, directed at those of you who've been socialized to avoid conflict to one degree or another and regularly use social media: there is no rule that says that you have to put up with crap. You are not an evil human being if you unfriend, block, mute, filter, unfollow, etc. people who value their own feelings infinitely more than yours and feel obliged to insist that you do the same. This is true about political fandoms, sfnal fandoms, gaming, comics, tech, insert your subculture here. Placating them will not help: they will just demand more. Trust your instincts to distinguish between someone who respects your boundaries, but wants to have a discussion, vs. someone who wants to make you feel like shit so they can feel "right." The latter are not your friends or people you need in any portion of your life (even the relatives. Especially the relatives.). 
End of lecture. Hang in there, folks (directed at those of you getting a lot of garbage lately).
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My annual post, for those inclined to follow me elsewhere:
  • Website
  • I blog here and xpost to LiveJournal (some media heavy posts only go on LJ)
  • Most of my political posts, news alerts and spontaneous snark go on Twitter (@clundoff)
  • Cat pictures, community blog posts, assorted stuff goes on Facebook. I have also just added an author/editor page which will be all about my writing, appearances and related.
  • I also review books that I'm reading on Goodreads, post sporadically on Google+ and even more sporadically on Pinterest. Like many other people, I have an unused Ello profile.
If you're also interested in erotica/erotic romance writing me, Emily L. Byrne, she can be found at:


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