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Feb. 21st, 2017 03:21 pm
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Chocolate Box creator reveals have happened! I wrote a Bodhi/Galen story for Merfilly. Uncharacteristically, I am quite fond of this one out of the gate. 

Fandom: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)
Warnings: Major Character Death
Relationships: Galen Erso/Bodhi Rook
“Thanks mate. You probably saved my ass.”
Bodhi gets a low, rusty chuckle in response, like the researcher isn’t used to laughing. Or he did, and for whatever reason, now does not.
“Then I have done one good thing here, and I am glad.” He puts out his hand. “Galen Erso.”
“Bodhi. Bodhi Rook.”
Six moments where Bodhi and Galen’s lives intersected.

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Feb. 21st, 2017 03:06 pm
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I can tell I'm stressed beyond belief because I want to just go place orders for my next stack of research books and dude, no. You just paid off the last stack of research books and you've read like two of them. No. Stoppit.

(I am looking into payment plans on a new tablet but that's more because I'm sick of lugging my damn laptop all over creation and I miss my netbook even if it is slow as shit right now and won't hold a charge to save its life. I miss having a portable computer bigger than a phone and smaller than a laptop. Currently I've been recommended the Lenovo Yoga, am sighing and eyeballing the iPad just for ubiquitousness, and trying to figure out what finance plans are available from the various tech places I've ever bought shit from.)

I did at least finally get the second chunk of Nerd Girls re-read and notes taken, so that's a goodness. I got the last Nerd Girl wiki'd up and it's not everything, but none of them have a full wiki, it's a start. In a shocking flip of events, I got no original writing done during the day so I get to do it all in the evening. Though honestly that's the easiest part, that's why I start with it. Which I probably shouldn't. Oops.

And come to think of that I should probably also write up a protocol sheet of some kind for releasing a new novel. Blah blah finish edits copy into scrivener format in scrivener order proofs write ad copy etc. I have scribbled handwritten notes somewhere about what to do and how to do it in Kindle, but, um. Given that they're somewhere we see exactly how useful that is.

I'm not sure I have much in the way of interesting to share today. Things aren't going poorly, they aren't going well either but not in a specific to me sense. More in the whole world is a tire fire sense. But I'm getting more organized, more things done in a writing way. So that's not nothing.
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Posted by William Clavey

Hey America! It’s our birthday, friendly neighbor! Care to come along for the party? We’re turning 150, but our Prime Minister is young, hip, and sexy. And possibly high. We’re having a kickass auto show in Toronto to celebrate. Come on, it’ll be fun! We’ve got truckloads of poutine for y’a and we’re paying for the…


Greetings from the Campagne-sur-Aude

Feb. 22nd, 2017 12:31 am
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We spent Tuesday in the land of the Cathars, beginning at the Cité de Carcassonne which was a center of the religion that was the target of the Albigensian Crusades. We toured the incredible restored walled city, which maintains some of the earliest Roman features in its largely medieval fortress, and visited the Museum of the Inquisition before having lunch in one of the cafés that now occupy the old stone buildings. Then we drove to Rennes-les-Bains, a town founded over the hot springs along the river Sals, which feeds into the Aude. This town and Rennes-le-Chateau are connected with legends concerning Mary Magdalene and the Templar treasure, and we visited the latter as well, though the Bérenger Saunière museum with its links to the Merovingians, the Cathars, the Priory of Sion, the Holy Grail, and Mary Magdalene was not open, though we got to see several Cathar ruins in the nearby mountains. Now we're in Campagne-sur-Aude so that in the morning we can visit Montsegur, where the Cathars made their last stand.

Languedoc )
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Posted by Patrick George

Evidently the 1990s are back. The0 Acura NSX is back, the Toyota Supra is going to be a thing again, the Mazda RX-7 is about to make a comeback (LOL just kidding that will never happen) and when Lexus wants to make a big dramatic statement, it unleashes a huge luxury coupe with a naturally aspirated V8 engine. Such is…


nom nom nom

Feb. 21st, 2017 03:12 pm
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Belated life update! Trying not to fall off the DW bus entirely when I miss a few stops.

* Took a trip down south and had unexpectedly great weather and expectedly great food
* Reuniting with friends is such a balm for the soul I cannot even
* New kindle is evil because it is good
* Any book recommendations, anyone?

Mid-week Antiprocrastination!

Feb. 21st, 2017 09:51 pm
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I'm going to post this now even though it's late here and I'm not sure if I'll be here to cheer you along tonight (given the getting late and I've already fallen asleep once the evening) or tomorrow as I'm not home until very late, but I'm absolutely sure that you'll all be willing to cheer and encourage for me (and if all else fails, just remember I'll be thinking of you and will check in as soon as I can).

So what is it that you've been procrastinating on? What's been hanging over you, weighing you down because you know it ought to be done, but it's just too much? Go on, you know you can beat it into submission (a little at a time!)

Good luck and lots of cheers and good wishes to you all.
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Posted by Jason Torchinsky

There’s something about seeing something familiar in an unexpected, unfinished form that I’m an absolute sucker for. When that something is old air-cooled Volkswagens, multiply all that by whatever the number equivalent of a creepy moan is. Today I have two larval Type 2 Microbus styling concepts to share with you,…


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DEAR HARRIETTE: I don't want my teenage children going to the marches and protests taking place in my city. These marches are for causes I support, like women's rights, the environment and raising the minimum wage. But these marches can get dangerous and almost always have a police presence. Also, I am not sure how much of a positive impact they end up having in the long run. How can I ensure that my teenagers are in school and not out on the street with signs? -- Skipping School, New York City

DEAR SKIPPING SCHOOL: I want to encourage you to rethink your position. The fact that your teenage children want to be involved in the political process and speak up about their thoughts is a good thing. It will encourage active participation in the voting process when they come of age. Of course you want them to be safe. A different approach might be to offer to go with them, letting them know that you want to protect them from harm. You can also give them instructions on how to be in a crowd, including not pushing their way into a crush of people where it can get dangerous, even when people are well meaning. You can find out from their school if any organized or chaperoned efforts are being considered as these protests pop up.

Reality says you may not be able to prevent them from going. What you want to avoid is having them lie to you. Then you really won’t be able to protect them. I recommend that you keep the dialogue open, talk about safety and possibly even become their chaperone.
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Posted by Andrew P Collins

The 2017 GMC Sierra HD really only gets one fresh feature, but it’s a biggie. The truck’s new 6.6-liter Duramax turbo diesel V8 has a massive claimed output of 445 horsepower and 910 lb-ft of torque. It feels good to drive, too. But this truck’s real value proposition isn’t under the hood, it’s in the details.


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Posted by Stef Schrader on Black Flag, shared by Raphael Orlove to Jalopnik

On Sunday, a sprint car competing in the World of Outlaws DIRTcar Nationals race at Volusia Speedway Park flipped over the catch fence at Turn 2 and into the stands, injuring three. This is the second car to have flipped over the fence at Volusia in a span of four days.


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Posted by Adam Clark Estes on Gizmodo, shared by Patrick George to Jalopnik

Everybody knows by now that the delivery drone ambitions of companies like FedEx and UPS amount to marketing stunts. But what happens when those stunts don’t go quite as planned? UPS knows because it recently bungled a delivery drone demo in front of a bunch of reporters.



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