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Went with our friends Mark and Laurence to Vermillion, an Indian/Latin American fusion restaurant. It was every bit as amazing as we remembered and we had a terrific meal sharing everything that each of us picked.

Then back to the hotel where I got in line to go see the Hugos. It went pretty quickly though there was some doubt that I would find friends to sit with and that I would be able save a seat for Sara Olson. Happily, Catherine Schaff-Stump saved a seat for me and I was able to save a seat for Sara. The Awards were shiny and we cheered for sundry people and organizations. Overall, I thought the presentations went well and other than the discomfort occasioned by being wedged in with other people (made my back twingy), I had a fine time.

I gave up on the notion of the parties and called it a night. Morning brought another fine breakfast at Wildberry with Mark, Laurence and George Martindale. This was followed by packing, then a mad dash to the Dealer's Room where I intended to pick the last copy of "Silver Moon" from the Broad Universe table. I got there moments before someone who'd been at one of my panels came up and announced that she needed THAT book. Bliss! :-D Got that signed for her and thanked Roberta Rogow for doing a fine job of organizing things for BU. Then swung by the Sofawolf table to congratulate them on Ursula Vernon's win for "Digger." Chatted with Tim for a few minutes, and was given a gateway drug copy of "Digger" (I'm told I'll be reading all of them once I start :-). Said goodbye to a few more folks and went off to hear Julia Rios read. This was some seriously good fun (the stories she wrote when she was 9 were hilarious).

And from thence onto the train.
Overall Worldcon experience - very, very good.
Didn't make it to a lot of programming items, other than my own, which I was somewhat sad about. On the other hand, I saw and/or met so many old and new friends that it was a really terrific con. I sold most of the copies of "Silver Moon" that I brought with me and distributed a ton of promo postcards. I must admit the really flattering thing for me about the con was hearing from so many people that they had read or had heard of "Silver Moon" or had it on their TBR list (and hey, it's Campbell Award-eligible for next year, just saying :-).
Makes me feel like all the work I've been trying to do to promote the book is starting to pay off.
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