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Woke up to an eyeball melter migraine which necessitated ordering breakfast via room service - not an auspicious beginning to the day. But things improved from there. Once I was ambulatory, I staggered downstairs to find the various rooms I had programming items in (the hotel is split up in exciting ways). After I got my bearings, I ran into Elise and we went to go have elevensies in the hotel restaurant before my noon panel.

From there, it was on to "We're Here, We're Queer...Are We Used to It?" with Cecilia Tan and Kevin Roche. We got a standing room only crowd and had a lively and free-ranging discussion more or less about LGBTQ fandom. I'll type up the recommendations later - I know Cecilia was doing it as well. As an aside, Kevin's one of the folks running Westercon this year and it sounds like fun. And Cecilia does fine, fine work on her own, as well as editing and publishing at Circlet Press. I did plug Lethe Press too, of course.

Post-panel, I got to chat briefly with deakat, meet author Kyell Gold and his husband, reconnect with my friend Zeke who I haven't seen since shortly after college graduation and run into my friend George Martindale. George and Zeke and I headed down to the Dealer's Room, which was pretty challenging to get to, unfortunately. I checked in at the Broad Universe table and dropped off copies of "Silver Moon" and BU brochures. Then went across the aisle and met Zeke's wife, Kathryn and made dinner plans. George and I ran into Brit Mandelo and chatted for a bit, and from there it was on to the SFWA table for more checking in. We headed for the Art Show, then collapsed in the Con Suite space where we ran into Abra, Mike, Jody and friends.

George and I met Jana for dinner and hung out until Lee Martindale got out of the daylong SFWA meeting, at which point we went aroving to find dinner for Lee and more chatting.
Tomorrow, it's a 2 panels and the Broad Universe Reading day so hence to bed.
Incidentally, some sort of record today - three people asked if I was working on a sequel to "Moon." :-D
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