Jan. 29th, 2019

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It is excitingly cold out, by which we mean dangerously so and well below zero with windchill. What am I doing? Well, Monday I worked from home in order to wait on Furnace Replacement Estimate #3. I shall be curious to see what they come back with. So far, we're at Company #1, whose estimate left out some critical things and was only provided at the request of our attic contractor (this would be a giant red flag); company #2, which is highly recommended by some friends but which our contractor thinks is too spendy (current estimate around $22k, not including additional attic work which has to follow immediately thereafter or the basement, which also needs to be heated); and Company #3, which seems sane but hasn't sent an estimate yet. So we'll see. But this week is making it very clear that we need something newer and more efficient so it's definitely an idea whose time has come. Sigh.

Jana opted to drive down to Northfield (she's teaching full days at Carleton College this term and it's about an hour and half drive) on Monday afternoon to skip the weather to be found at the crack of dawn this week. I worked from home, submitted my first short story of the year and started a Veronica Mars Season One rewatch. I picked up the dvds for Season 1 and 2 on sale a few months back because I wanted to see how it held up. 3 episodes in and there are some very talented actors with some snappy one-liners holding together a rather shaky storyline. We'll see how it looks further along. I've seen the movie a couple of times and quite like that so I'll still find the overall storyline enjoyable.

Woke up today with a migraine, a torqued up shoulder and still unhappy knee and opted to take a sick day (my sick days and vacation days are the same bucket so I try to work from home if I'm sick) since I have the old car, which isn't as good on ice and snow. This turned out to be a good idea since it's been a spontaneous nap sort of day. And it meant that I was here to receive my previously ordered Killjoys Season 4 dvds, so yay on that. I'm mostly functional now and wrangling tax prep, workshop outline prep and my next interview. Still not caught up, still have a ton of stuff to do but am making incremental progress. And I have tickets to see Split Britches on Friday so there's something to look forward to. Onward, excelsior and all that.

Edited to add: and now there are shenanigans at the day job. Again. Dammit.


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